Antiyal was founded in 1996 by Alvaro Espinoza and family. It is us here now- the family, writing this website and we shall be maintainig the harvest blog ourselves as well. Often referred to as the original ‘Garage Winery’ in Chile, today Antiyal has grown into a modest but personably sized windery that maintains a strict focus on quality. Antiyal is a Mapuche (native Chilean) word that means ‘sons of the sun’. We practice organic and biodinamyc agricultural as a means to seek truer flavours from the earth that surround us in the Maipo Valley.

We founded Antiyal to teach our childen, and all who would listen, about the earth, work & wine. In 1998 we produced ten barrels, or 250 cases (3.000 battles). It was a mix of Carmenere, Cabernet Sauvignon & Syrah. Later in 2001 we launched Kuyen, a blend of Syrah & Cabernet. Kuyen means ‘moon’ in Mapuche. It is not a second wine, but a separate project with its own trajectory. Both wines are made respecting the ancient traditions and a holistic vision of people and the earth that is adroitly respected in today’s biodynamic agriculture.

After a decade of healty growth today we make 7.000 bottles of Antiyal and about 12.000 more of Kuyen. It is still very much a family affair and we still craft each wine by hand on our small estate in the Maipo Valley that we call home.